Summer hike & swim

Ostrava is surrounded by the Beskydy Mountains and thus it is an ideal starting location for summer hikes and swimming in lakes

Tip Nr.1 – Pustevny

Pustevny is a very attractive place for trips in any weather. The settlement near the mystical mountain Radhošť can be reached by various means of transport: by cable car, by car, on foot; in winter on cross-country skis and in summer by bike. Pustevny is the most popular tourist centre in the Beskydy Mountains and the statue of the Slavic pagan god Radegast, which you can find on the way to Radhošť is the most famous symbol of the whole region.

There are many hiking trails, you can start at Ostravice, Frenštát or Rožnov p.Radhoštěm. Occasional (lazy:) tourists may use the cable car from Trojanovice. Once on the top, visit the Stezka Valaška (“Walkway”) and enjoy a walk above the treetops with amazing views.

Start at Trojanovice, rest.Ráztoka (bus stop) – follow the blue line to Pustevny and then continue along the blue line to Radhošť. 


Tip Nr.2 Lysá hora (Bold Mountain)

Lysá hora is situated near the villages of Ostravice, Krásná, Staré Hamry, and Malenovice. Lysá hora is sometimes called the Queen of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. At its peak there is a meteorological station, a TV transmitter, Mountain Rescue Service, a hostel, and 2 restaurants serving local dishes.

Start at the Ostravice Train Station – continue along a red line to the top of the mountain.


Tip Nr.3 Hlučín lake

The lakes are very attractive for walking around, swimming, fishing, windsurfing and Wim Hof breathing and cooling activities. They can be reached by car, bike or public transport. Hlučín Lake has a separate part with a beach, bars, and other services which, entrance is charged. On the other side of the lake, there is free access without additional services.

Tip Nr.4 Žermanice and Těrlicko Dams

In the summer, both dams are popular for swimming, fishing, boating, or water skiing. There is life around the water reservoirs, you will find hotels, cottages, and campsites with numerous refreshments and beaches. Enthusiastic fishermen will certainly be delighted by the possibility of fishing. You can catch several types of fish here – carp, bream, but also pike, zander, and even trout. You can also visit both dams in one day, they are only 6 km apart.

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