Changes in Ostrava Public Transport

Face masks are mandatory again in all means of public transport.

  • From September 1st, the wearing of face masks is mandatory again. Apart from public transport, face masks are mandatory also in taxi services, health facilities such as hospitals, authority offices, internal mass events over 100 attendants and polling stations.
  • The big reconstruction around Svinov bridges is over and from Tuesday, September 1st, trams operate from/to Poruba normally. Chosen lines of tram No.17 are extended to the final stop Poruba,Vřesinská. Chosen lines of trams No.7 and 8 end at the Poruba,Vozovna stop.
  • From Tuesday, September 1st, until further notice, due to the reconstruction of the tram line and stops in Výškovická Street, the organization of transport of tram lines No. 2, 6, 7, 11 and 15 is changed. You have to change to substitute bus transport at the Zábřeh,vodárna or Nádraží Vítkovice stops.
    • Substitute bus transport (NAD1) for lines No. 2, 6, 7 and 15 – operating in the section Zábřeh,vodárna – Kino Luna – Výškovice and back.
    • Substitute bus transport (NAD2) for line No. 11 – operating in the section Nádraží Vítkovice – Zábřeh,vodárna – Kino Luna – Zábřeh and back.

Check currently valid timetables: BUSES – TRAMS – TROLLEYBUSES

More information on DPO website (in Czech).

source if the images: DPO

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