Changes in Ostrava Public Transport

Trams will not cross the Svinov bridges, wearing of the face masks will be voluntarily.

From July 1st, the big reconstruction of tram lines began. There will be no trams operating between stops Telekomunikační škola and Hulváky.

The city will be divided into two tram networks. Passengers travelling to Poruba or Martinov must change to substitute bus transport (NAD1, see scheme below) at the Hulváky stop. This bus will take you to Telekomunikační škola stop, from where you have to change to another tram (NTD) operating between Martinov and Poruba,Vřesinská (further on to Budišovice,Zátiší).

At night, two substitute buses will depart from the Hulváky stop – one bus to Poruba,Vřesinská (NAD1, see nighttime operation scheme below) and another to Martinov (NAD2).

Reconstruction of the lines over the Svinov bridges will allow trams to run up to eighty kilometres per hour, the journey will be shortened by approximately twenty seconds.

Wearing of the face masks will be voluntary, exceptions are bus lines 23, 29, 30, 39, 71 and trolleybus line 101, which operates risk areas.

However, the Ostrava Transport Company clearly recommends to wear face masks throughout all travel.

In addition, drivers will no longer automatically open all doors at stops. After 8 pm for buses and trolleybuses, passengers can only board again through the front door.

More information on DPO website.

source if the images: DPO

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