Covid-19 in a nutshell

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Current restrictions
  • The government has appealed to the public to limit their contacts with others to an absolute minimum.
  • It is compulsory to wear a respirator (at least FFP2) or mask with nano-filter in public places including public transport, shops, but at workplaces as well.
  • Only shops selling basic necessities are open (groceries, pharmacies, drugstores, flower shops and pick-up places).
  • 2+2 rule = only two people can meet in public places (with the exception of people living in the same household, family members) + two meters distance between people.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages in public places.
  • These are only the most important ones, you can find the full list here and here.
Travelling to the Czech Republic


Please find the interactive map for both RT-PCR and AG testing within state and private providers.

  1. AG-Testing
    • If you are an insured person of a Czech health insurance company (and you are entitled to reimbursement of health care from public health insurance funds), you may be tested with AG-test for free every 3 days. Just find your closest testing location (map above) and register for a specific date and time. You will present yourself on the spot with a public health insurance card.
    • People without public health insurance can be tested as self-payers, price varies from 350 to 600 CZK.
  2. RT-PCR-Testing
    • You can be tested for free only if the request for the RT-PCR test will be issued by a doctor or an employee of the regional public health authority. After the doctor or regional public health authority employee will enter you into the system, you will receive the electronic request. Choose a collection centre in advance, you can choose any across the Czech Republic as the date suits you.
    • People without public health insurance can be tested as self-payers, price varies from 1300 to 1700 CZK.

Read more in a separate article.


We recommend downloading the app eRouška. It notifies its users in case of risky encounters with infected individuals quickly and anonymously. It is for free.



Services & Stores
  • If you want to avoid using public transport, you can use Bolt (similar to Uber).
  • You can order delivery of groceries and drugstore goods (Tesco or Rohlik).
  • Stores are closed (except for groceries, drugstores, pharmacies, pet shops and few more).
  • Most of the shops have opened pick-up windows (electro stores, clothes shops and so on).

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