Electric scooters arrived in Ostrava

The city will evaluate their operation in a month and, if necessary, adjust their operation.

This fast and environmentally friendly mean of transport is common in larger European cities. Bolt and Lime want to operate 750 of these scooters in the city. Scooter rentals are not subsidized by the City of Ostrava, which currently supports shared bike rentals. However, the operating companies, together with the municipality, set the conditions for their operation.

In some cities, the operation of electric scooters meets with the disapproval of the inhabitants, as they are often left in various places after the loan. However, Ostrava electric scooters must be parked in racks. Moreover, due to previous experience in operating scooters in other cities, the city of Ostrava has reserved the right to address the operators and adjust operation or speed of scooters after one month of trial operation.

You can use directly the Lime application or the Uber application to rent scooters.

In the centre of Ostrava, the scooter is automatically limited to a maximum speed of 13 km/h. It is necessary to add that riding a scooter is, from a legal point of view, like riding a bicycle, ie, riding on it on the sidewalk is prohibited (or it must not exceed the walking speed).

Rental price

  • Unlock – 25 CZK
  • 1 minute – 3 CZK

Examples of rental

  • 10 minute drive 55 CZK
  • 20 minute drive 85 CZK
  • 30 minute drive 115 CZK
  • 45 minute drive 160 CZK
  • 60 minute drive 205 CZK

In addition to scooters in Ostrava, there is also a Nextbike bicycle rental.

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