Map for Expats

Map for Expats created by the community of Expats

We have prepared for you the map which covers all the important places in Ostrava and surroundings which as a newcomer you should know.

The map is divided into 10 categories which you will find below. On the map, they are visualised in a form of layers which you can view and hide by ticking on a specific category. We tried to categorise all of the places in an intuitive way so you could easily find every place.

We will give you an example of how to use our map. For example, if you are looking for a lawyer, you should go to the layer called “Services”. There you can find your places either by browsing through the list below or choosing your best location on the map once all of the places from the category will appear after ticking the layer.

We hope you will make use of our map. The map is going to be regularly updated by our team for you. All your suggestions are welcome.


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