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Useful Apps


  • (Google Play, iOS) – Czech version of Google maps, which additionally has marked tourist paths and much more local detail compared with Google maps, you can also download offline maps.


  • IDOS Timetables (Google Play, iOS) – You can find timetables of all kinds of public transport in the Czech Republic, including city transport. You can also find the closest stop according to your location.
  • Moje DPO (Google Play, iOS) – Ostrava public transport´s app, you can buy tickets via the app.
  • Nextbike (Google Play, iOS) – Start cycling! Find a nextbike, get on it and off you go – any time of the day, with your smartphone.
  • Liftago taxi (Google Play, iOS) – Liftago is very similar to Uber or Bolt, but is provided by a certified taxi driver with a licence.
  • Můj vlak (Google Play, iOS) – App of state owned company České Dráhy (Czech Railways). You can buy tickets (including reservation) online and show a QR from the app to the train conductor during ticket checking. Also, the app can notify you about train delays.
  • RegioJet: Train & Bus Tickets (Google Play, iOS) – Private company of yellow trains and busses.
  • LeoExpress (Google Play, iOS) – Private company of black trains and busses.
  • Flixbus (Google Play, iOS) – Bus travel.
  • BlaBlaCar (Google Play, iOS) – Carpooling.


  • Dáme jídlo (Google Play, iOS) – The most convenient way to order food. A simple selection of over 2000 proven restaurants in your area. Fast card payment and weekly new restaurants from all over the Czech Republic.
  • Tesco Online Shopping (Google Play, iOS) – Grocery shopping from your mobile, delivery to your door.
  • Nesnězeno (Google Play, iOS) – Save food, save money! You can order discounted food right through the application and pick it up that day.


  • Ostrava app (Google Play) – Unique monuments which are changing in front of your eyes. Ostrava culture, art, festivals, sports events. Ostrava attractions for every weather, in any mood. Ostrava dialect. Ostrava walks.
  • Záchranka – Emergency (Google Play, iOS) – The mobile app is an easy way to contact the Emergency Medical Services and Mountain Rescue Services when you need them most. It sends your exact location and other practical information used for your rescue.
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