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Aid For Rising Costs – Know Your Benefits

1) Housing Benefit

If your housing costs (utilities, rent & others) add up to more than 30% of the average 3-month income of your household, then you are eligible for a government financial aid.  

Let’s say your average 3-month income is CZK 32,500, and your utilities and rent add up to CZK 17,000, you live alone in Ostrava-Poruba. According to the calculator, you’re entitled to CZK 6,000.

  • Find out your estimated amount of aid here (calculator only in Czech).
  • Your housing costs and income of your household need to be proven every 6 months.  
  • Do you feel like you’re late? Don’t worry – you can apply for aid retroactively for the last 3 months. So, if you apply in January, you’ll get the benefit for September, November, and December.
  • If you are concerned about raising prices of utilities, you can now be at ease. The prices will be capped from the beginning of 2023.  


Sounds good? Here’s what you need:  

  • Proof of income – for example, wage statement or payslip  
  • Tenancy contract – if you are a tenant  
  • Proof of costs for utilities & other services costs  
  • Proof of studies – if you live with a student over the age of 15  
  • Statement of other household members – If you live with anybody over the age of 18, they need to fill in the following form.

Where do I submit it?  

You can submit it either online or at your local Labour office (there are 3 in Ostrava).

 2) New One-off Family Benefit 

Starting a family is beautiful, yet hard – luckily, the government has provided you with one-off benefit of CZK 5,000 for children born between the 2nd of August 2004 and the 31st of December 2022, and the best thing is that anybody can apply – unemployed or an entrepreneur – just make sure you have a child. If you’re expecting a baby after the due date, you may still apply for the benefit until the 1st of July 2023.  

 Sounds simple, any other conditions? Actually, there are two:  

  • Your and your partner’s total gross income for 2021 did not exceed CZK 1,000,000. This includes all sources of income – be it maternity or paternity benefit.  
  • If you’re a foreign national from outside the EU, you need to prove your legal stay (long-term or permanent residence will do the trick).

Where can I apply? 

You can apply online on the following site.

 3) There is more!  

Families can apply for Maternity and Paternity benefits, Parental allowance, as well as one-off Childbirth benefit, and regular Child benefits. Other indirect supports are also possible – tax bonuses and tax base reductions (e.g. tax discount for a child, for placement in a nursery, etc.)

(All other family benefits are listed on our website) 

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