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Useful Information for Ukrainians Coming to Ostrava

Find out where to go and what to do after arrival to Ostrava.

Contact Centres 

After your arrival to Ostrava, you should visit the centre at Černá louka 3235, Moravská Ostrava as it is the MAIN CONTACT POINT (KACPU). You can apply for your visa here, get your health insurance and information about employment, social contributions, health care, accommodation and more. The opening hours are 24/7 so the support is available at any time.

They also prepared a guide in Ukrainian language to make it easier for you to learn what to do and where to go with all the necessary contacts. The guide is available in pdf form here


There is also an official phone number of the Moravian-Silesian Region where you can find support free of charge.

The number is 800 720 210 and it is available for you from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In case you are a student in Ostrava you can contact the support centres of the University of Ostrava or the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.


Here are also some other websites where you can find some support:


Health Insurance and Finances

As it was mentioned previously in this article, the KACPU centre will help you with your health insurance here in the Czech Republic. However, here is the link for the insurance company that will be providing you their service, so you have an opportunity to study the individual steps. The website is available in both Czech and Ukrainian.


In case you need to open a bank account here, there are several possibilities for you. The choice of the bank is entirely up to you and many of them even have interesting offers for Ukrainins coming to the Czech Republic to make the situation easier for them. They often have their websites available in both Czech and Ukrainian. You can try to check out the following banks:


Health Care System and Mental Health

If you are in need of medical check or psychological assistance, there are already many options for you. You can find many professionals in different medical fields that are offering their help to you free of charge. The following website was created to assist you in finding the doctor you need in the region where you are and also see whether they speak only Czech or if they are able to communicate in Ukrainian or Russian.


If you are in search of a psychologist to help you with handling the situation you can try to browse through the following links to find the right person for you:


Public Transport in Ostrava, Communication Services and Translations

After coming to Ostrava, you are allowed to use the public transport free of charge, all you need in case of a transport inspection is your passport or ID.


Some companies that provide telephone communication services are available free of charge, however, make sure you check out their website properly as this may apply only to a limited time. Some of them are T-Mobile, Kaktus, Mobil.cz.


If you find yourself in need of a translator you may turn to the KACPU centre or look for some online. Some companies offer translations from or to Ukrainian for free. Here is a link to one of them

You may also visit the Center of Integration after your arrival here. They provide some language courses and courses about information you may need for your stay here in Ukrainian. Please, note that those courses are not for free and there is a fee of 1500CZK for the course. In case you want further information, visit the following link with the course.

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