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Fajna Dilna is the first public craft incubator in Ostrava, which offers its members great space and technical facilities for the implementation of craft ideas and large projects.

Impact Hub is an inspiring workspace that combines the benefits of a fully equipped office, internet café and a business incubator. It is used by independent professionals, representatives of the corporate or non-profit sector and the general public who want to regularly acquire new contacts, impulses and opportunities. There is, generally, a wide need for innovation and practical implementation. In support of these Impact Hub provides physical space, organizes and hosts events, and implements acceleration programs. In addition, it operates as a part of an international network of more than 100 Impact Hubs around the world enabling the business to scale and spread ideas across all continents.

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The PANT Community and Information Centre in Ostrava significantly focuses their activities on understanding the present times. Through lectures and discussions with prominent Czech personalities Pant offers people the opportunity to critically look at current events in the world from different perspectives. The activities create a natural historical context and build a bridge between the past and present. We in Centrum Pant believe that the existence of space for such a dialogue has a profound meaning for our future.

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There is a famous and numerous English Coffee Ostrava (Facebook group) organising a pay-your-drink informal meeting to practice English freely where you may meet other members of the international community who could practice Czech with you on other occasions.

For the last thirty years, Alliance Française Ostrava has shared the francophone culture and promoted the French language through its classes and events in the Moravian-Silesian region and it is now, one of Ostrava’s main cultural centre.

Languages rendez-vous!


We are a cultural-linguistic centre that brings America closer to the general public. At American Corner, English books are available, both adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction (see the online database). Events for the public that we organize are published on the library’s website, on Facebook and Instagram, and we send them in a monthly newsletter, which is published in Czech and English. We usually have events in English or Czech according to the specific program and they are always free. We are also looking for volunteers (ideally native English speakers from the USA) who would help us, for example, with clubs (even online).

The British Centre is one of the departments of Ostrava City Library. You can visit us and choose from a large number of books, audios and other materials in English (more than 16, 000 items – see the online database). It doesn’t matter whether you are only starting with English or if you are fluent or a native speaker. We have books suitable for all ages and all language levels. Visit our Facebook to learn more about our activities, which include seminars for teachers, English language courses and a reading club.


We organize guided rides for participants free of charge, in an effort to expand the offer of active forms of tourism in Ostrava, to support the interest in a healthy lifestyle, bicycle transport, and last but not least, the public’s interest in history, culture, technical monuments and crafts.


The Trash Heroes say about themselves: “We are a Czech NGO and a bunch of volunteers that take ecology with a smile and into their own hands. We belong to the world movement Trash Hero, which cleans in 162 locations in 15 countries. Anyone can be a Trash Hero.”

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There are many other volunteering options, such as Adra Volunteering Centre in Ostrava. For more information please contact us and we will help you connect.


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