Why Ostrava?

The city that’s close to its people, to nature, and to the rest of the world.

Attractive Jobs in the City of Industry, Business and Innovation

Ostrava has a strong reputation for its tradition in business and industry, creative, research, academic and innovative competence, attractive jobs, space for talent and entrepreneurship, and last but not least – an open and friendly social climate. Ostrava keeps growing and has a sound strategy for providing a fine future for those who choose to work and live here.

Czech language is a kind of a maze, but you can work and live here just fine for years using just a few polite phrases…

A Living City: Suitable Housing, Top Public Services, Health, Culture, Leisure and Fun

Ostrava is a safe and comfortable place to live and enjoy life, study and thrive, raise a family and make the most of your experience. It is a living city: pulsating with life, culture and sports; Ostrava provides suitable housing with many types to choose from, and top public services, including excellent health care in a number of policlinics and hospitals ranging from private to Municipal and University Institutions. There are two regulated rivers to walk, jog or bike along, large green parks, quiet residential areas with playgrounds, as well as bustling quarters with clubs and bars to relax after work. Ostrava belongs to the greenest cities in the Czech Republic.

No heavy traffic in the City, nature, sports, shopping centres, nice people, a lot to be done with the family.

Global and Personal Connections + Citizens Co-creating Future

Ostrava is a great starting point for reaching out and travelling to many countries and cities. Geographically and historically, it is in the middle of the “Moravian Gate”, a valley trade route through which European merchandising has been safely transported for thousands of years. Situated close to the borders with Poland and Slovakia, and only 300 kilometres away from Prague (the Czech capital), and Vienna (the Austrian capital), a modern highway or express trains can be taken, as well as a number of flights, e.g. to London or Warsaw from where the whole globe can be reached. The City has diverted heavy traffic around the residential areas so that it still connects and yet do not disturb.

The Municipality is utilising its citizens’ ideas in co-creating the environment and developing city amenities. This participative approach has become an integral part in creating the strategic development plans and is much appreciated.

It is a big city, and still it feels comfortable and even cosy.

A Few Facts and Figures About Ostrava:
  1. Ostrava has almost 280,000 inhabitants including 12,000 foreigners
  2. It is the 3rd largest city in the Czech Republic and 8th safest country in the World according to global statistics
  3. There are 1,000,000 people in the larger metropolitan area
More Facts About Ostrava:
  1. Ostrava is surrounded by the Beskydy Mountains for hiking in summer and skiing in winter
  2. Ostrava hosts the largest multi-genre international music festival in the Czech Republic: Colours of Ostrava is one of the most important music events in Central Europe
  3. The industrial heritage site at Lower Vítkovice is the largest in the Czech Republic and the fourth most frequently visited tourist target within the country and the most frequently visited site outside Prague
  4. A green city: 30m2 of green areas per capita
  5. The largest outdoor swimming pool in the Czech Republic surrounded by greenery with a giant toboggan and sunbathing beaches
  6. The Local Government runs and finances special Innovation, Talent and Incubator Programmes
  7. Two public Universities with over 30,000 students have their seat in Ostrava, and several high-quality private institutions of tertiary education can be found here
  8. Ostrava is a home to the biggest and most powerful computer in the whole country that is the heart of the IT4Innovations National Supercomputer Centre, part of the renowned VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
  9. International education in English is available from Kindergarten up to PhD. Programmes
  10. The largest science and technology centre with a futuristic design and state-of-the-art interactive centre offering visitors a fascinating insight into the world of science
  11. Ostrava is highly attractive for international talents and professionals, e.g. a special street-art project “Madona Ostravica” of decorating a huge building wall within 30 hours was undertaken by a famous US artist Nils Westergard
  12. Ostrava ZOO is the third best zoological garden in the Czech Republic, following Prague and Zlín, breeding rare species and also growing a unique dendrological collection
  13. Large investments go into industries ranging from metallurgy to hi-tech and automotive companies, as well as into health, culture, sports, and education
  14. Coal-mining ended back in the 1990s when Ostrava was viewed as the “Steel Heart of Czechoslovakia”. The impact on the employment rates was minimised due to new innovative job opportunities; what remained after the so-called “black” industrial tradition is now represented only through noteworthy technical sites under the Technical Heritage Scheme and the residing special miners’ spirit of solidarity and “brotherhood”
  15. Situated at two ancient European roads along which merchants carried salt and amber over thousands of years, Ostrava has had a business spirit burnt into its very DNA
  16. Over 200 years of cooperation among various nationalities in industrial settings and waves of incoming expatriate communities have left a lasting imprint of openness and friendliness in the social climate
  17. Ostrava has breath-taking technical sites, museums and preserves, it is a cradle of many fine artists, actors and singers
  18. Well-known for its music festivals, culture, sports championships and vast exhibition areas with visiting artists
  19. There is the most modern conservatory in the Czech Republic, as well as the most modern puppet theatre with an astronomical clock and an outdoor amphitheater
  20. The Golden Spike is part of a new series of elite world athletics competitions called the World Athletics Continental Tour – Gold
  21. A lively, well preserved old city centre with modern facilities
  22. Ostrava was the first city in the country to introduce a pedestrian zone
  23. Two of the ten most awaited constructions in the Czech Republic are soon to be built in Ostrava: the new riverside campus of the University of Ostrava and a unique concert hall
  24. Ostrava has the largest hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy treatment incorporating the latest technologies
  25. The largest integrated safety and rescue centre in the country can be found in Ostrava
  26. Ostrava Airport has road, shuttle bus and train connection from the city centre and serves a number of business routes, charter flights to take you on holiday, as well as huge cargo planes; moreover, Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport is connected via Warsaw with 110 destinations globally
  27. In September each year Leoš Janacek Ostrava Airport hosts the famous and spectacular NATO days
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